My experience spans business development, partnerships and sales developing successful go-to-market strategies, leading the execution and then scaling. This includes working to validate the business models and then setting forth on a path to exceed the company goals and objectives. Much of my work has also involved developing and managing relationships with partners that have created extensive awareness, branding, distribution and revenue via activation of custom programs.

I've been fortunate enough to have been involved with some really incredible startups, many at the forefront of their respective verticals and product offering, for example: OneChannel, Sling Media, Ustream and Two of these startups resulted in an acquisition that allowed me to opportunity to work at Google and Dish Networks.



OneChannel was a provider of a web-based platform that delivered e-commerce information and metrics for retailers and manufactures. Founded in 1998 it was a SaaS company before people starting using the term SaaS.

At OneChannel I closed the first revenue generating deal with Adaptec, securing a 3 year deal that provided access to the platform. Over the next 18 months I built and lead a sales team of 6.


Sling Media helped create the category by with it's revolutionary hardware, Slingbox, and proprietary streaming software.

Long before services such as Hulu, Sling or YoutubeTV were available, Slingbox owners had the ability to watch their home TV, including the content they already pay for, from anywhere in the world and on any connected device.

My role at Sling was to create and implement new relationships that would increase awareness and branding while also helping to generate sales of the Slingbox. One such partnership that I led was with HP involving integration and distribution of Sling software and branding on over 20M consumer notebooks.


One of the first companies to provide a platform that allowed anyone to broadcast live interactive content over the internet. Ustream.TV provided a wide variety of UGC and professionally created shoulder content that included personal milestones, high school sporting events, red carpet movie premieres, political events, concerts, conferences and talk shows.

I developed relationships with a number of partners that increased awareness, branding and distribution of Ustream technology and content which led to increased ad and subscription revenue. I also led the cross functional team that resulted in Ustream being the first live streaming UGC platform available on the PS4 - before Twitch and YouTube Live!

THE LEADER IN CONVERSATIONAL AI provided an NLU platform which anyone could use to enable conversation capability for their website, their bots or their virtual assistant. prior to the acquisition by Google, the platform had over 15,000 active developers using it to create custom solutions. Once acquired, Google rebranded and the platform became Dialogflow.

While with I helped the company pivot to a SaaS focused platform and lead discussions and contract negotiations with companies such as Capital One, Comcast, Domino's, State Farm and Verizon.